Buy Magicwand Kick & Play Multi-Function Piano Baby Gym & Fitness Rack (Large) for best price, Sri Lanka

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  • ✅【★ AN EARLY DEVELOPMENT TOY FOR YOUR CHILD 】Our Baby Playmat has 4 different modes of play: Lay and Play, Tummy Time Play, Sit and Play, and Kick and Play. This amazing grow-with-me Play Mat is a true “must have” for parents and infants.
  • ✅【★ 5 REMOVABLE ACTIVITY TOYS WITH A KICK AND PLAY PIANO】A baby bear, a soft-to-touch heart, a cute owlet, a little star, and a funny crescent moon are detachable for tactile and gripping experiences to develop fine motor skills. These 0 to 36 months baby toys are designed to make the baby amused and entertained.
  • ✅【★ MUSICAL PIANO KEYBOARD WITH 3 MODES】The battery operated large piano keyboard features 3 sound selections, including music, melodies and tones. Babies are delighted when they hit and kick the large piano keys and are rewarded with sweet tunes and flashing lights! No crying, no tears, only smiles and laughter.
  • ✅【★ STIMULATES YOUR BABY’S SENSES】This gym mat for boys and girls is designed with multiple activities for sensory perception development! It will help your little one learn to kicking or touching the keys rewards her with music, which advances cognitive abilities. Contrasting colors in bright geometric patterns encourage vision development and inspires imagination.
  • ✅【★ CUSHIONED PAD FOR FLOOR AND TUMMY TIME】Keep your baby entertained and happy with engaging play time on a soft padded mat, you’ll enjoy some Mommy time! It will be comfortable and safe! And, its machine washable.

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