Buy Stainless Steel Bento Box,4 Compartments Divided Lunch Box, Food Storage Container with Soup Bowl Chopsticks Spoon , Lunch Box for School Office for best price, Sri Lanka

2.0 kg
Category : Home & Lifestyle - Kitchen & dining
Rs. 4,000.00
Rs. 3,600.00
  • 1.Attention:without heat preservation function itself.Our bento box is split structure,the inner liner can be separated,The PP bottom grid can heat water to heat the food.Or you can put the bento box in the microwave for heating.
  • 2.Premium materia,Food-grade 304 stainless steel and durable PP plastic materials,healthy food materials are safe to use,easy to clean,not easy to rust,corrosion-resistant, acid-base resistant,free of harmful metals, for your healthy diet escorting.
  • 3.Lunch box With separate soup bowl,The lunch box is divided into 4 compartments,One of them goes with a soup bowl(With exhaust valve sealing cover and time guide),Can also be used as a fresh-keeping bowl,You can set different recipes,,with staple food,meat,vegetables,fruits Nutritional balance,to maintain the original flavor of the food without odor,Equipped with tableware,Let you have a happy lunch mood every day.
  • 4.Multifunctional lunch box cover, built-in tableware trough, 304 stainless steel long-handled spoon and chopsticks as a gift,Concealed mobile phone holder, placed firmly, eating and watching drama at the same time.1400ml large capacity,Satisfy your appetite,PP thick sealing cover,With sealing silicone ring to avoid leakage of soup.
  • 5.Meals can be heated in a microwave oven resistant to high temperatures(Heat for 2-3 minutes, the lid must be removed),Can be used in dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, refrigerators.Before using an independent soup bowl or heating it in a microwave oven, open the air vent on the sealing cover to avoid scalding your hands due to excessive air pressure.

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